Interro Quartet

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We have been wanting to have a string quartet in our Hall for a while now (especially after hearing the beautiful sound of violin and cello with James Hill and Anne Janelle).  We threw around the idea of having “Classical Sundays” as we thought the acoustics would complement the sound completely.  But we’ve been too […]

Meet Ken Yates

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A young up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Ken Yates has been on the music scene since 2011.  He has generated quite a following through house concerts and touring extensively throughout Canada and the States.  Through his music, he’s able to create stories that draw you in and keep you entertained.  He has just released his second album, “Huntsville” in […]

Meet Naomi Bristow

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Naomi is a small town girl from a farming background like many of us from Desboro.  Music has been a part of her life since she was young.  At the age of eight, she taught herself to yodel and became a two time winner of Western Music Association’s “Youth Yodeler of the Year”.  Since then […]

Meet Cody Zevenbergen

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With a last name like “Zevenbergen”, it’s easy to stand out and be remembered in this area.  (although getting the name actually “right” doesn’t always happen)  So it’ll be easy for you to remember Cody Zevenbergen.  He’s our third performer at our Friday August 25 concert. Cody has his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz […]

Meet Tragedy Ann

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Tragedy Ann, a duo comprising of Liv Cazzola & Braden Phelan, first met romantically.  They didn’t decide to start performing together until later.  Blending guitar, accordion, ukulele and harmonies, they have created their unique sound of thrift-folk.  What is thrift-folk you ask?  It is an amalgamation of well-worn musical fabrics, drawn from traditional folk and […]

Rob Elder is back!

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There’s nothing more to say except our favourite local musician is back!  We’re excited to have Rob Elder back to open a show this year.  Last year you’ll remember he opened up our Season for us.  This year, when we were tossing around names for musicians, we knew that our community liked to support local […]

Meet Sarah MacDougall

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Our June show has a double bill and the second half is the wonderful Sarah MacDougall. Sarah MacDougall is a Swedish born Canadian singer-songwriter, currently living in Whitehorse, Yukon.  She is, as many would say, on the rise. Described by the magazine Rootstime in Belgium as ‘One of the greatest talents of our era”, and […]