Meet The Kelly Song Collective

The Kelly Song Collective is made up of brothers, Joe and John Kelly.  They were born in Toronto.  They got into music later in life and then John moved up near Sudbury for a job.  So how did they become a band?  One of them suggested they do a “Song-a-Week” where they took turns putting up a video of a song they wrote and eventually they formed a band.  Then they created an album, “Unless and Until” with assorted friends playing on it including Chris Coole on banjo (who will be here with The Lonesome Ace Stringband in September for a show).  They both wrote the songs.  As a side note, John was the winner of the Canadian Songwriting Competition 2018 Lyrics Category for his song, “Four Colours”.

But how do they arrange to play together when one is in Sudbury and one is in Toronto?  It’s a delicate act of balancing family time with jobs and gigs.  A challenge we understand well.   Desboro Music Hall is our little venture to share our passion for music with our home community and at times it’s been like juggling: trying to balance our day jobs, our kids, our social occasions, the hall and the commute (Phil and Josephine living 2 1/2 hours away).  As a side note, it’s a wonderful experience and a pleasure to be contributing to Desboro and the music community in this way.  We are so thankful for the support of our ticket holders and those encouraging us forward.  I imagine the Kelly Song Collective runs up against many of these same problems but their passion for their music and their desire to share their musical talent spurs them on.  It will be our treat to hear them and encourage them on in their venture.

Here is the song that John won his Canadian Songwriting Competition Award.

Saturday May 12, 2018
Doors Open at 7pm, Music at 7:30pm
All Ages

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