Meet My Father’s Son

Consisting of Mark Kulmala (from Mountain of Wolves) on guitar and voice and Paul Meadows (from Uisca Beatha, The Beauties) on voice and fiddle, My Father’s Son brings us evocative, paired down songs.

They have released their first album, “Heart of Wood” and are currently working on their next album.  The album’s themes of fleeting innocence, love’s lost and found, determination, and the simple beauty of the landscape are sure to resonate with listeners.

It should be a great night of music.

Saturday October 13, 2018
Doors Open 7pm
Music at 7:30pm
All Ages

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Meet Piper Hayes

Only 5 more days until our Sat July 21 concert.  So time to get to know our next artist.

If you are looking for someone genuine and willing to share their life stories then Piper Hayes is that person.  She and her partner, Carson Ritcey-Thorpe are the kind of people that share their love of life through the music.  Yet they don’t shy away from the hard times and express themselves in such an honest way, the audience feels like they really get to know them through their music.  Piper is a strong advocate for mental health hoping to dispel the stigma around it.   Piper has formerly released 3 other EPs that have more of a pop feel to them.  This newest release, “Piper & Carson” is a reflection of where Piper and Carson are as a couple in life and song-writing.  It has more of a folk feel.  Check out their latest video, “Big Red”.  This is what Piper calls Carson and she wrote this song about him.

Come out on Sat July 21.

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Sat July 21, 2018
Doors Open 7pm
Music Starts 7:30pm
All Ages

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Meet Over the Moon

It’s a funny story how we got Over the Moon.  We saw them somewhere….maybe on Facebook and really liked their music but then found out they lived in Alberta.  So we got in contact asking if they ever came out to play in Ontario and if they did, would they like to come to Desboro Music Hall.  Craig got back to me and said in fact they’re planning a little tour of Ontario.  Then he hits me with the fact that he used to live in Desboro!  What are the chances that we contact a band in Alberta and it ends up being someone from Desboro…the tiny little community of Desboro?!  I love it.  It means they were meant to come play for us and I’m glad we found each other.

Over the Moon is made up of Suzanne Levesque and Craig Bignell.  They have a wonderful story of how they met, fell in love and started playing together.  Craig was trying to play a song in front of a group and was nervous and stumbling a little when Suzanne came in with her bass and voice and they created magic.  From that moment on, they sang and played together and eventually even got married!  And their music has the same flavour as their story; part beauty and part magic.  There’s wonderful harmonies, various instruments, a little bit of country, a little bit of swing and a little bit of folk all mixed in to create magic. Check out their cover of “Love Hurts”

Don’t miss out.  Catch them on Friday June 1, 2018 at the Hall.
All Ages
Opener: Doris Folkens
Doors open 7pm
Music starts at 7:30pm

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July: Alfie Smith and Nicole Christian

With the hotter weather, we thought July is the perfect month for a little blues and maybe a little sing-a-long.  So on July 2, we have Alfie Smith and Nicole Christian treating us to their gutsy vocals and guitar playing.  Joining them as the opener is Gathering Sparks who love a good sing-a-long and create beautiful harmonies.

Alfie Smith and Nicole Christian

If you can believe it, Goodman Guitars has named a guitar model after Alfie.  If anyone is a guitar connoisseur, it seems to be Alfie.  So if you enjoy a good guitar riff and some resophonic guitar, this is your night.  Add in Nicole, who specializes in flute, piano and her own slide guitar, and you have a talented duo, you don’t want to miss.  They have been playing solo and together for years and just made their first record together a couple years ago called, Come On In My Kitchen. Check our their music and come see them play live.

“Alfie Smith and Nicole Christian are old-style slide guitarists, multi-instrumentalists and a blues duo not to be missed. Featuring Alfie’s belting baritone vocals mixed with Nicole’s sass and jazz flute, they bring you blues, roots and originals in a way you have never seen before. Come on into their kitchen, and you won’t be disappointed.”
-from their website


Our opener is Gathering Sparks who consist of Eve Goldberg and Jane Lewis.  Again, these are two talented solo artists who came together to create something different because of a mutual love of harmonies and songwriting.  Their style varies and can include influences of folk, blues and gospel.  They love a good sing-a-long and incorporate that element into their shows.  Their shows are always fun and a good time is had by all.  Check them out.

“What a delight! Great songs, great singing and lovely harmonies.
I’m singing along as if I’ve known these songs forever.”
— Sharon Hampson of Sharon, Lois & Bram

So come on out on July 2, 2016
Doors Open: 7pm, Music Starts: 7:30pm
All Ages

If you want to read their bios and hear some songs, go to their Events Page

Tickets available:
Buy Tickets online
Box office hours (Saturday: June 25, July 2: 9am – 12pm)
Phone/text Joe Klages (519) 377-2358
At the Door (if there are any left) the day of the concert