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The Post – The Spirit of Music is Alive in Desboro by Dave Flaherty
Owen Sound Hub – It’s Worth the Drive to Desboro
Owen Sound Hub – The Grand Opening of Desboro Music Hall
Owen Sound Hub – Desboro Music Hall Declares Success


Meaford Live Music – My Sweet Patootie Kicks off Desboro Music Hall’s Summer Season by Bill Monahan
Meaford Live Music – ReviewMy Sweet Patootie Sizzles on a Desboro Saturday Night by Bill Monahan
Meaford Live Music – Second Great Show at Desboro Music Hall this Weekend
Meaford Live Music – Ben Kunder & Sarah MacDougall at Desboro Music Hall


BruceGreySimcoe – Desboro Music Hall Listing
Visitgrey – Desboro Music Hall Listing

Past Musicians:


Rob Elder
Drew McIvor
Larry Jensen
Oh Susanna
Our Shotgun Wedding
Ashley Condon
Paul J McInnis
Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian
Gathering Sparks
Trent Severn
Leah Mathies
The Schotts
Zakary Miller
Mark Reeves
Jayden Grahlman
My Sweet Patootie
Alicia Toner
James Hill & Anne Janelle
Brontae Hunter
Ben Kunder
Sarah MacDougall
Rob Elder
The Redhill Valleys
Carter Rolland & Ben Turcotte
Cody Zevenbergen
Shawna Caspi
Tragedy Ann
Naomi Bristow
Steve Piticco
Ken Yates
The Honey Brothers: Jayden Grahlman and Drew McIvor
Benjamin Dakota Rogers