Meet Anne Janelle

Anne is a classically trained cellist who got her Masters in cello performance at the University of Ottawa.  She has performed with such artists as Kanye West, Bruce Cockburn and Holly Cole.  She is also a songwriter and just like James, defies genre definitions.  But she incorporates her cello beautifully into all her music.

Now some of you may have heard the name Anne Davison and be confused by Anne Janelle.  “Anne Davison” was the name Anne first played under and the name on True Love Don’t Weep.  So why the name change?  Well, I have heard (and we can ask them if it’s true) that when they started collaborating for their next duo album, they had such strong, individual tunes that they decided to make two individual solo albums instead (with each other co-producing, co-writing and co-playing on the others’ CD).  And to distinguish this phase in her career, Anne changed her name.

She has just come out with a new album, which she made while pregnant!  Here is a little video she made to try and raise some money for it.  You can hear some of the songs from her new album, I Didn’t Want to Break It in the video.  And also hear a little bit about the process of making the album.

Next in our little series, we’ll meet James and Anne together and then hear a little more about our opener, Brontae Hunter.

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Friday May 19
All Ages
Doors Open: 7pm, Music Starts: 7:30pm

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Desboro Music Hall 2017 Concert Series

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