Meet Pat Maloney

THREE DAYS TO GO!  Here is our last artist.

Pat Maloney is hard to pin down to one genre of music.  He likes to play around.  As he says, “Considering an endless access to a century of popular music, and my love for a wide variety of styles, it would be unfulfilling to pigeon-hole my creativity into one genre of music.  I write what comes out naturally without stuffing it into a box.  I’m not really a folk singer, I just sound like one sometimes.”  – Pat Maloney

So that’s what’s exciting about his shows.  You never know what kind of music you will hear.  He’s also a great storyteller so his shows are always an interesting time.  Incorporating whistling, his guitar and honest lyrics, Pat has built a following across campuses in Canada, USA, UK and Ireland.  In fact, winning the Canadian Organization of Campus Activities Singer-Songwriter of the Year twice!

Come on out on Sat July 21 to see it all for yourselves.

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Sat July 21, 2018
Doors Open 7pm
Music Starts 7:30pm
All Ages

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