October: Mark Reeves and Jayden Grahlman

We thought it would be appropriate to end our season with the artist who started it all: Mark Reeves.  Joe and Phil saw Mark’s concert at Greenbank back in 2015 and after talking with Mogens and Cathy, the folks who started Greenbank Folk Music Society, they thought, “Hey, we could do this” and thus began the dream of The Desboro Music Hall.  So since Mark Reeves kind of helped start the beginnings of the idea, it’s fitting to have him come and close our first season at The Desboro Music Hall.  Joining him is Jayden Grahlman, a local talented musician.


If you have never been to a Mark Reeves concert, you have missed out.  He calls himself a “roots artist” with influences of blues, folk, gospel and rock.  (For all those who say they don’t know what “roots” music is, they should come on out to this concert and discover what “roots” is.)  He is a one man force.  His live shows are high energy with guitar interspersed with harmonica.  His connection with the audience is what makes his shows so intimate and enthralling.  Those who have seem him come back again and again because they know they’ll be in for a good time.

“Fans of Lovett and Martin Sexton will eat up Reeves’ hard-earned positive vibe, rock solid rhythmic groove and kick-ass Motown horn section which adds a pleasant double-espresso kick to the mix.”


Jayden Grahlman is a local musician from Owen Sound who you might have seen on stages at various places.  He loves music and wants to share his love of it and you can feel it when he performs.  He’s more than capable of matching the energy of Mark Reeves.  You’ll come away from his show feeling happy and glad you spent that time with him.

Don’t miss our last concert of the Season.  This is it.  If you miss this one, you’ll have to wait until next year!

So come on out on Saturday October 1, 2016
Doors Open: 7pm, Music Starts: 7:30pm
All Ages

If you want to read their bios and hear some songs, go to their Events Page

Tickets available:
Buy Tickets online
Box office hours (Saturday Sept 24 and Oct 1: 9am – 12pm)
Phone/text Joe Klages (519) 377-2358
At the Door (if there are any left) the day of the concert