Why we bought a church

Thanks for all the support with liking our Facebook page, checking out the website and following us on twitter (@desboromusic).  We are super excited to get things going but we still have a lot of logistical things to figure out and have a way to go before we can open our doors.

But in the meanwhile, we thought we would share a few of our ideas and plans to get everyone as super excited as we are.

So a bit of the back history.  The church had been up for sale for a year.  We had talked about turning it into a music hall when it first went up for sale but didn’t do anything about it.  We realized that since the Community Hall had been torn down, the only place to perform was in the arena. And although the arena is nice because it is so big and can fit lots of people, the acoustics are not the best and even if you want a small gathering, you’re a little lost in the big echo-y space.  So the church came up for sale and it just so happened that a year later we were in the right place to make an offer and we got it!

So onto the exciting part: our vision for this place.  If everything works out, we would love to hold a concert about once a month.  What kind of music, you ask.  Well, we are thinking folk/country/bluegrass music, the kind of music we like and are passionate about; the kind of music we want to share with others to enjoy.  We’d also like to showcase local talent.  Then beyond that, we would love to have it available for the community to rent for such events as euchre tournaments or family reunions or whatever you would use a community hall for.  It’s a beautiful building with great acoustics and we want to be able to keep it for the community.

Now our plans do take some time and we still have lots to do in the hall to get it ready for business. However we would love to hear from you.  You can add your suggestions and comments below (or through our Facebook page or twitter feed).  We want to hear how we can make this place work for you, too!  We will be holding polls/contests on our site so please keep following us at DMH as we are working hard to get to our opening day!