Interior of the Hall

Here are a few pictures of the inside of the Hall.  The Hall can be set-up in many configurations.


Here are a few of the renovations we did.

2015-09-05 Open House

On the Desboro Fall Fair Day, we had a little Open House to show people what we'd been working on.

2016-04-30 Rob Elder and Friends

Our Grand Opening and our first concert for the Desboro Music Hall Concert Series: Rob Elder, Drew McIvor, Larry Jensen and Pete Devlin

Oh Susanna Poster  Kristen and Mark   Audience   Our Shotgun Wedding   Harmonicas!   Our Shotgun Wedding   Phil working the sound board   Joe emcee for the night   Oh Susanna   Oh Susanna   Oh Susanna   Youngest audience members
2016-06-04 Ashley Condon and Paul J McInnis

June 4, 2016 - Third concert of our Desboro Music Hall Concert Series: Ashley Condon from PEI with our opener, Paul J McInnis with Scott Wicken and Brent Hagerman

2016-07-02 Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian and Gathering Sparks

The midway point of our Concert Series: Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian with Gathering Sparks