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Tragedy Ann, a duo comprising of Liv Cazzola & Braden Phelan, first met romantically.  They didn’t decide to start performing together until later.  Blending guitar, accordion, ukulele and harmonies, they have created their unique sound of thrift-folk.  What is thrift-folk you ask?  It is an amalgamation of well-worn musical fabrics, drawn from traditional folk and blues, that are repurposed and given new life in a bold and dynamic fashion, making it feel both new and well-worn.  Their shows are distinctive, fun and as they say, “known to make audiences laugh, cry, hug complete strangers, and is the only cure for the common cold.”

Their Desboro concert will be their last stop on their “Many Bays, Many Days” tour.  That’s right.  Desboro Music Hall is their closing show!  So if you missed other tour dates, come on out to Desboro on Friday August 25 and find out about thrift-folk.

Desboro Music Hall 2017 Concert Series
Friday August 25, 2017
All Ages
Doors Open: 7pm, Music Starts: 7:30pm
Tickets: Advance: $20 ($17.70 +HST), Regular: $25 ($22.12 +HST)
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*Advance tickets are only available up to the Box Office hours the weekend before the show or we run out (Note: there is a limit of 25 advance price tickets)

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