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Meet James & Anne

So how did they start playing together?  Well, there’s a story…

James and Anne were selected to record a track for a compilation album called Classical Ukulele for release in Japan. “If it weren’t for that recording project,” confides Anne, “I don’t think we ever would have started playing together. It just wouldn’t have occurred to us.” Often the most obvious thing is the thing that’s most easily overlooked. “We chose Schubert’s Ave Maria and arranged it for ukulele and cello. We recorded it in a tiny practise cubicle at the university!” The result? “Absolutely brilliant” (The Folk Diary).

Together, the two of them have created an unexpected duo with ukulele and cello, two instruments not normally found playing together.  They have created a very unique sound within the music industry.  They craft touching, intricate music and in the next moment rock out.  Their concerts keep you engaged and left wanting more.

It’s true: opposites attract. James grew up playing folk, jazz and blues on his ukulele while Anne was exclusively a classical cellist. But the pair’s differences quickly became their biggest asset. The uke is high, the cello is low; the uke plays short notes, the cello long bow strokes; the uke is all about strumming while the cello radiates melody. Like shadows and light in an old photograph, these contrasts are complementary. “We’re like a pair of dancers who can’t step on each other’s feet,” jokes James.

The best thing to do is to just listen to their music.  You won’t want to miss this concert after that.

Check out their Events Page for their bios, videos and links.

Friday May 19, 2017
All Ages
Doors Open: 7pm, Music Starts: 7:30pm

Buy Tickets Tickets: Advanced: $20 ($17.70 +HST)*, Regular: $25 ($22.12 +HST)

*Advanced tickets are only available up to the Box Office hours the weekend before the show or we run out (Note: there is a limit of 25 advance price tickets)

Desboro Music Hall 2017 Concert Series

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